Shifted to WordPress


Hello people!

As some of you may know, I used to blog at However, as Blogger blocked my blog due to malware content (which I don’t believe my blog has due to my careful checks as I’ve had past experiences with it) and many readers were not allowed access to the blog, I’ve decided to make a move. It has been a week and I must say, it is DISTURBING to me that the blog that I love so much and is well received by most has been blocked.

I’ve tried all means, submitting request for review, searching for someone to email for help (but to no avail) as well as submitting requests through Blogger’s forum. I’ve pretty much reached my limit as this blog is very dear to me and having such stuff going on, it has just affected me in many ways.

Hence, I’ve imported the content over from Blogger over to WordPress but I’m still in the midst of doing up the links etc properly. I’m still contemplating if I should keep blogging with Blogger or just come over to WordPress for good. My greatest concern would be that Blogger may just ‘block’ the blog shortly after unblocking. This has already happened to a few bloggers so if I were to continue blogging on Blogger, I’m taking that very risk. However, Blogger is really easy to use and I love the template I have there.. though I’m learning to love the one I have right here right now.

So please bear with me while I sort out the details in the blog and also decide on which platform I will ultimately want to stick to. I may take some time as school’s started and the workload has really piled up.

To make your stay here easier, please make use of the search function at the bottom of the page to search for recipes that you’re searching for while I sort things out.

Till then, thank you!


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