Aspiring Bakers – June: Chocolate Cake

ASPIRING BAKERS is up! Theme for the month of June will be Chocolate Cake! ((:
You can submit your version of any chocolate cake throughout the month of June from the 1st to the 30th of June 2012! Any type of chocolate cake is good but it has to be more than 5 inches wide! Square, round, heart, oval, rectangle, go crazy! Any filling is good but the main component has to be chocolate! ((: Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate! The options are endless!
You can submit your entry (Best shot + Product name) either through
1) email to
2) submiting your blog entry link to this page/via email to address above
3) tagging me in your facebook photo!
Entries will be judged on creativity and appeal of chocolate cake!
1 winner will win a box of 8 Wilton Gel Colouring!
I will also feature ALL the bakes that have been submitted so that we can all have some fun enjoying what we have all baked! (: So, let’s get baking!! And do pass the word on so that more can participate in the fun!
I’m all excited! Are you too? (:

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