Not-so-awesome Giraffe Swiss Roll.

Today is the first day of my freedom since my hectic school term.
I tried my hand at baking Swiss Rolls since it seemed ‘easy’.
Well, guess I was wrong.
This is the first time ever I threw a ‘project’ away in the bin.
I guess this ‘project’ failed due to the following reasons: 
1) Too shallow tin pan. I used the oven’s super shallow pan.. I should have used my square cake tin pan.
2) I haven’t mastered the ‘personality’ of my new oven.
With these 2 reasons, especially the latter, I failed to do a nice soft swiss roll that was meant to resemble a giraffe’s skin. Yes I’m discouraged as it’s the first time I’ve ever failed a baking ‘project’. Then again, guess it’s a good way to learn! 
I shall continue with my eclairs tomorrow since my chocolate filling is already awaiting me in the fridge! (:


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